Hello darkness – I mean treadmill

Is it spring yet?

I’ve decided I love the idea of winter, of soft snow falling and admiring the pond out back when it’s frozen and the trees have that pretty dusting of white capping them over morning coffee with Marina.

And then I have to go to work. Suddenly that snow shit isn’t pretty anymore.

The completely over-hyped polar vortex of 2019 came through this past week bringing destruction and mayhem, at least if national morning news was to be taken at face value. Granted, the news were focused on New York and states further north of Ohio, which did get pummeled. But for Columbus, Ohio? Four of those days were simply cold, while Friday got the major snowfall at 5 a.m. Commuting on semi-plowed roads was an adventure that amazingly enough only added 20 minutes to my commute time.

I told myself I was going to run twice this week, Monday and Wednesday, with Thursday being an optional run day. And I’d have to do it early in the morning on the treadmill at my apartment’s gym.

Getting up early doesn’t bother me – my entire family are early risers and I can naturally wake up between 4:30 and 5, even on weekends. Having to go out, scrape off my car, start the car, feed my cat child and get myself changed and make it to the gym before 5 a.m. is the challenge.

That “must start by five” rule I gave myself? My start times were 5:20 and a whopping 5:48. Monday’s run didn’t happen, so I got up and did my 3 miles bright ‘n early Tuesday morning. Amazingly enough I managed to get out the door and to work on time as well.

Wednesday morning was when the polar vortex came through. My apartment was perfectly normal – I had power, heat and woke up to Marina wanting to be affectionate while simultaneously talking at me. I fed her, opened my front door to find dry ground and then noticed something looked ominous.

Turns out the complex lost partial power. There was only one street light flickering, while the rest were out, and the night sky looked eerie. I somewhat expected a Stephen King creation to pop out from in between the cars as I turned mine on. But otherwise the morning seemed normal. So I went about my business, rolled up to the gym and discovered there was absolutely no power. So I went back to my place, lamenting the fact I happened to be on time for once. I finally got my 4 miles in at the gym after work though.

Thursday morning was rough, but I ran my 3 miles and decided if I was late to work then so be it. The major school districts were closed (my boyfriend is a teacher and has been a very happy camper this week) so I was pleasantly surprised by a dead highway Thursday morning. So I got in my run and got to work on time after all.

Shortly after this selfie it went downhill from here.

Saturday was supposed to be 12 miles, but the running conditions were so miserable I cut it short after 6. I bought a pair of Yak Traks, which are snow grippers you slip over your running shoes. The good news is they work and I haven’t face planted this time around.

However, if there isn’t packed thick snow on the ground, it feels like running with tacks poking your feet through the soles. After Mile 1 I was miserable, and the text messages from my property manager letting me know the city decided to shut off the complex’s water for a last-minute emergency hydrant flushing was also stressing me out, since I got my run started later than I wanted to and needed to shower before my boyfriend came over.

Then because nothing else was going well I decided to take the Yak Traks through German Village. Now I otherwise love German Village – and still need to get to Schmidt’s Sausage Haus – but quite a few of the sidewalks are in true form from the 1800s. Meaning they’re made of crooked bricks and there’s plenty of bumps and ridges to fight with. Running in ideal conditions is hard enough, but through unshoveled snow? With the taks feeling in my feet?

My calves are still angry at me about that.

But it’s done and hallelujah the water came back on before my boyfriend came over.

So overall, Week 2 was defined by better week days than the weekend long run. I’m mainly glad I ran the same mileage I did from Week 1.

With that being said, time to get on with all of our days. May your work day be only mildly crazy making, and may that coworker who loves baking bring in something yummy to share.

Yak Traks and baked goods,


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