(I am not) down with the sickness

March is one of my favorite months. It’s the last stretch of winter leading into spring. The weather actually starts to work with my running schedule. The deer and rabbits enjoy traipsing around the pond behind my apartment, and I start planning ahead for spring gardening and summer fun in a swimsuit.

I swear this is the year I’m not going to be a plant killer.

But the big reason I’m glad it’s March 1st? Because the last half of February sucked.

Right after the Fight for Air Climb I started to go downhill. Thankfully I don’t get sick very often, nor does it stay with me long when I do get sick.

But this time around the universe had other plans for me.

I had my agenda completely filled out and so many things I wanted to tackle the week of February 18. But then that Monday night I came home from work and crashed on my couch. I don’t usually crash and I never feel all of my energy exit me in one shot unless something is wrong. I figured an earlier bed time and sleep would cure me of all my troubles.

Two days at home miserable confirmed I was very wrong. I did go to the doctor on Tuesday at my Mom’s urging. I had a feeling the doctor was going to tell me I had a viral infection and still maintain I could have saved a trip and $30 if I stayed in and slept through Tuesday. However, Mom wasn’t having it and I didn’t feel like arguing with her, so I went and rewarded myself with McDonald’s afterwards.

I’ve eaten a lot of French fries over the last two weeks. Why is it when you’re sick the only thing you crave is salty, fatty foods? I had so many fries last week and this past weekend that I never want to see a French fry again (okay, until mid-week next week.)

Work late last week was horrible. I went back Thursday and Friday and made all kinds of gross noises throughout the day, which both horrified and amused my podmates.

The only noteworthy thing from last weekend is my boyfriend coming over and me finally watching the original Star Wars movies. I was never interested in them prior, but I’m dating a self-professed Star Wars nerd. And I had completely lost my voice, so even if I wanted to argue about it I kinda couldn’t. I will say that the story and movies are excellent, although I’m still not the nerd in this relationship.

Monday the 25th and Tuesday the 26th were terrible. I had a severe round of chest pains Tuesday morning that lasted a good 20 minutes, and Tuesday evening I woke up in a panic, none of the which I’d experienced before.

Thankfully Mom answered her phone Tuesday night when I called her and needed to talk to someone. She figured my chest pains weren’t sickness but an anxiety attack. “You need to take your work from home days and relax at home,” she told me. “You’re sick and stressed out trying to get everything done.”

My boyfriend picked up the HDMI cable I needed to hook my laptop to my television last weekend and I was on the phone with my company’s IT guy Wednesday morning.

The last two days working from home were wonderful. I got caught up on late work in peace, got a lot of the sickness through me and my cat got to have two days of her mom.

Which brings me to today. March 1st. February was terrible at the end, but with a new month cones renewed health, a better-rested soul and a recommitment to my training. The first half of the year is coming up on March 30: the Carmel Half. And I cannot wait to reclaim that city.

Happy March and ever onward,


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