Let’s Go 2020!

When I first got into running, my main focus was running for running’s sake. I was having fun running as many races as I could – which I’m still doing – and didn’t have any main goals aside from the 50 full marathons by the time I’m 50.

Then 2019 took a focused turn. I made the goal to run four fulls, which I met and had too much fun doing. But there were still a few things that didn’t turn out as I thought.

I wound up missing two races I was looking forward to – The Choo Choo 9 Miler in April and The Hot Chocolate 15k in November.

The former was to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time. His dad is a pilot, so when he’s home from trips that’s pretty much our only time to visit him. The latter was to visit his grandmother before her passing.

Honestly I was a little bummed about missing my April race, since I used a comp code to pay for it. The November race wasn’t a big deal though; Grandma Nancy took priority whether I had a race or not.

And then in mid-December I got hit with an upper respiratory infection. It started with general head cold symptoms, which I figured I could try to run off, and then evolved to chest pain and breathing troubles when I tried to run.

So I’ve been down and eating way more than I need to. Specifically chocolate and sugar cookies.

My mom got me a 365-day desk calendar from Gone for a Run last Christmas, where I could fill in my daily mileage. My secondary big running goal for 2019 was to run 1,000 miles throughout the year.

Prior to getting sick I had made it to 977.6 miles. I was so determined to crank out the last 23 miles before December 31st. But then four minutes into a treadmill run two-ish weeks ago, I had to stop and chug water. My lungs were on fire and the stuffed up nose decided to turn the faucet on. I became dizzy and lost all my strength for the rest of the morning.

Now on December 30th I’m finally on the upside of my sickness and can go on walks without feeling like death 10 minutes in.

So I’m pretty optimistic if 2019 can end on a low-ish note (granted, getting sick isn’t the worst thing to happen but it is annoying), then that only means 2020 is going to start on a fabulous high note.

Which brings me to my 2020 goals. For starters, I’m taking the fulls back down to two – Cleveland in May and Columbus in October.

Cleveland is one of the most fun races I’ve done (so far.) Running along Lake Erie reminded me why I fell in love with the full distance. Exploring downtown Cleveland with my boyfriend resulted in us falling in love with the city. I’m serious: I told him if we win the lottery and get tired of Central Ohio we’re buying a million-dollar house in Lakewood.

Columbus is my first love, so it seems right that I would run Full Marathon #10 here. I want to attach the 10 milestone to my city, as well as see the Patient Champions on the course and fundraise again as a Children’s Champion. I kinda hate that my go-to adjective for Columbus is “meaningful” – isn’t that what everyone says about their race? – but it truly is the most meaningful race in the nation.

I only did two half marathons last year, which is pretty low for me, and I miss the half distance. So I decided 2020 is the year of Half’s. Five to be exact.

1. Run the Bluegrass in March.

2. Cap City in April.

3. The Indy Mini in May.

4. The Air Force in September.

5. The Indy Monumental in November.

And a couple 10ks. And maybe a 5k or two.

By December next year my biggest ambition will probably be walking to the mailbox. Although I’m optimistic this time next year I’ll have a fully operational nose and throat.

Have a happy new year, friends. And happy running.

– Allison

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