The Inn at Honey Run

This past Christmas my mom told me she was gifting my boyfriend and I an overnight stay somewhere in Ohio. I had to pick three places, and then she would pick one of those and surprise us.

I can’t remember the other places I picked, but I remember The Inn at Honey Run looking interesting and added that to my list.

Imagine our pleasant surprise when Mom handed us the registration confirmation for the Club Level Honeycomb room for one night, January 18th.

Fast forward to the 18th this past Saturday. The Inn is located in Millersburg, about two hours northeast of Columbus in Holmes County, the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country. We went east via Ohio 16, which was an easy drive in spite of the wind and freezing rain. Coshocton and Holmes counties are hilly and had gotten some snow we hadn’t gotten yet in Columbus, so the light dusting over the fields and front yards added to the beauty of the area.

We drove briefly through Millersburg. I didn’t get any pictures, but I will say the town is beautiful. I’m a sucker for towns and smaller cities in rural counties, and Downtown Millersburg didn’t disappoint.

Then we got to The Inn at Honey Run and checked in. Readers – I’m simply going to attach photos from here on out.

My boyfriend and I were both impressed that architects were able to build an adults-only inn into the hills. Honey Run has a bee/honey theme and incorporates subtle accents to that theme – faux decorative beehives, honeycomb logos, small bees in the logo, and gold tones.

Prior to our stay I looked up the Club Level Honeycomb rooms, which are built into a hill. My boyfriend says they look like hobbit houses from the Lord of the Rings, which they do. The website pictures are nice, but they almost don’t do the rooms justice once you’re actually standing in there.

Then we unloaded the car and went inside.

Frankly, I don’t even think I can do our room justice. The room itself is gorgeous, the hospitality was perfect, the fireplace kept us nice ‘n toasty and to top it off – the bathtub had a Whirlpool.

It doesn’t take much to impress us, in case you haven’t picked up.

Because we were staying in the CLH (A/N: this is my abbreviation going forward) we got complimentary hors d’oeuvres from 3-5. Our dinner reservation was at 5:30, so we decided to go down to the The Tarragon at the inn and enjoy ourselves.

My boyfriend is a social drinker, while I’ll have a drink every once in a great while. I don’t drink wine and therefore had no idea what to order, so our server recommended a Pinot grigio for me (I asked for a sweet option) and my boyfriend got a Merlot. My drink wasn’t bad at all, but I still haven’t developed a taste for wine.

However, the Pinot grigio paired wonderfully with my choice in hors d’oeuvre: a Wisconsin cheese ball served with wheat cracker, honey-flavored pickles and a cherry spread. My boyfriend got a charcuterie and we both loved our hors d’oeuvres.

Dinner at the Tarragon is designed as a three-course meal with desserts or an after dinner drink as an option. We decided to forgo the first course appetizer for the second course chopped salad.

Admittedly I am a bit of a picky eater, which is a terrible childhood habit that I probably won’t break. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the salad – little gem lettuce, radish, pistachios (!), Parmesan, malt vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. The pistachios were a great kick.

Then came our main course. I didn’t take a picture of my boyfriend’s dinner and the picture I took of mine doesn’t make it look very good, so I’ll go ahead and tell you what we ordered.

Boyfriend: he’s a big seafood guy and ordered Pan Seared Sea Scallops, which are served with Brussels sprouts and bacon salad, warm white beans and a lemon vinaigrette. He was impressed and happy with his meal.

Me: I love me some red meat, so I ordered the 8 oz. filet mignon. My steak was served over melted leeks and mushrooms (which met my “try something new” quota), caramelized cipollini onions, veal demi-glace and came with a four cheese potato gratin on the side. I surprised myself with how much I loved the vegetables.

Finally, I decided to get an opera torte for dessert. This is basically a fancy tiramisu, which is the one dessert I’ll find room for no matter what.

We had a comfortable night’s sleep and woke up happy we got to experience the CLH room. The coffee maker and biscotti were a wonderful start to our day and getting to watch the birds from our feeder was relaxing.

Overall we loved our time at the Inn at Honey Run and I recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy an anniversary or romantic evening away from the city and go-go-go-faster-faster-faster life. Ohio’s Amish Country and nature were what we needed for ourselves and each other, so I recommend The Inn at Honey Run one thousand percent.

And now it’s time to get our weeks started with the sheep from the sheep barn. Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King day.

– Allison

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