A happy life update

It’s a new day

Today was Day #1 of my new job.

And more importantly, I actually want to be here and I’m happy.

The last ten months have been something else. From losing my high-stress OldJob, accepting a position in May that turned out to be a lousy fit and then my former relationship ending, I didn’t know what was going to wind up happening. Within me I knew that “this too shall pass,” but how and when were the mysteries of the ages.

I’ll tell you all how last night and this morning trying to get out of my apartment went so we can all have a chuckle.

First, I went home this past weekend to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. He turned 80 this past Friday, and I spent the past week before I started my new job getting my errands done. Week #4 training took a nosedive, although I did maintain my lifting schedule and have the shoulders to prove it.

I left late Saturday morning with my suitcase, Grandpa’s present and the two tins of gourmet popcorn I got him as his present. Why is it whenever you’re trying to get a suitcase packed half of your toiletries seem to disappear?

And why are suitcases so heavy with so little inside of them?

I left Columbus a little later than I wanted but still got home in time to see my stepfather and the little dog Buddy. Afterwards we went to my grandparents’ house, stayed a long while and had a great time.

Then came Sunday. Specifically Sunday afternoon.

Mom talked me into going to the tanning bed with her. It’s relevant to note my mom and I have opposite coloring. I’m a fair-complected blonde with gray eyes, while my mom is darker complected with dark hair and brown eyes. Every once in a while I will use a tanning bed with a sunscreen (feel free to judge) and I remembered the last time I went to the tanning bed, my chest and bum were toasted. The rest of me was alright though. So I figured I’d carry sunscreen and lotion up the sensitive areas only, since my arms, legs and back are currently pretty tanned from running.

This was a terrible idea. I got bulb burn on my stomach, back and thighs. Adding insult to injury, the burn didn’t just look like a regular sunburn. Nope – I had an exotic rash growing on me.

I also didn’t get out until later than I wanted (visited my grandparents briefly on Sunday afternoon) and it was about 5:30 when I got home. At this point I had a house to clean, important documents I needed to send to my new workplace and fingernails that needed painted.

I got what I needed to done on Sunday, but in between the time crunch, trying to dry my nails and a minor tiff with Mom, my mood was pretty foul.

I was also trying to figure out the best route to take. I could take the interstate through Columbus, but I really didn’t want to fight with other drivers and construction, or risk being late on my first day.

So I planned to leave at 7:45 to give myself a full half hour to get to work before my 8:30 start time. I set my alarm for 4:45 on Monday morning so I could have ample time to get up, get to the gym, shower, eat breakfast and leave in time.

My morning didn’t work like this at all.

I got up on time, but I couldn’t get going for squat. After feeding Marina I struggled to get going. Originally I wanted to be at the gym by 5:15 for an hour lifting.

I didn’t get to the gym until 6:05.

I lifted, ran out of there by 6:50, got home to shower and rushed through scrambling my eggs. 7:45 came and I still needed to get my makeup on.

7:50 came and I had just gotten dressed.

I was running out the door with my hands full of stuff – purse, lunchbox, notepad, umbrella because it had to monsoon today – at 7:58.

One of the unspoken rules about commuting in Columbus is to add ten minutes to your time. So if you think it will take you 15 minutes to get to an appointment, add at least 10 minutes to that and leave 25-30 minutes earlier to account for other drivers and delays.

I was a ball of anxiety heading down route 33 to pick up I-270. I figured 270 to I-71/state route 315 would be the least stressful way to get to my new place, and I also figured I’d have a ton of traffic to fight with in the rain no less.

To my pleasant surprise, the highways were clear. I was actually enjoying the drive, and I got in the building at 8:25.

And once I was in and settled down, I felt at ease and peaceful again.

It’s only Day #1, and there’s so much still to learn and do. But so far, I’m feeling better and like myself again after the extended period of uncertainty. That’s more than enough for today.

I hope you all have a great week ahead.

Yours in writing and running,


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