April didn’t stop

As seen in German Village

I blame it on being a Sagittarius.

Or maybe moving around and having some significant uprooting during the formative years is at play. Either way (I’m attributing it to both), I need to live my life in motion, literally as well as mentally. I don’t do well being or feeling stuck. I don’t like to dwell on sorrow longer than necessary – which is admittedly how I started off April – nor do I like to rest on laurels for too long, since there’s always something or someplace new to discover, and a new adventure to gear up for. Complacency and stuckness are my death knell.

Do you remember how I wrote earlier this month about how April isn’t for sissies? Well it wasn’t, and after a quick re-read I can confirm I’m in a better spot than where I started. Professionally, there’s movement forward with a job I want, and I’ve had several interviews for various positions that went great, so the confidence hit I carried into April is no longer with me.

In regards to my running, I crossed Nashville off the bucket list and had three great races – the Choo Choo 9 Miler on April 2nd, the Nashville Half on the 22nd (which I’m still riding my high from), and the Cap City Quarter Marathon today. I wanted to run the 6.5 miles in 1:10, and took the past week off from running to recuperate from Nashville and get myself prepared for today. As well as focus on resistance training and trying to undo the food damage I did in Nashville.

The food damage control part didn’t happen. At all.

Fast forward to today, toeing the start line on High Street downtown. I decided to wear the same tank and shorts from Nashville, since the temperature was going to be in the low 50s and I’ve decided I prefer wearing less clothing if there’s a chance I’ll get warm. Course I didn’t plan on street closures directing me to park at the convention center and have to walk a bit to the start line. It was a wee bit chilly on that walk.

But once we were off and I found my groove, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy running felt. The time seemed to fly by and I finished my race in 1:08:41.

Time goal met.

Then I got home and ate way too much, although I don’t regret it. My buffet pants got my back.

April was a month of moving forward, not to a final destination quite yet but definitely getting there. It was also a month where I felt my empowered restlessness kick back into high gear. In a few words, I feel like I’m actually going somewhere in life and I feel like me.

Tonight’s post isn’t super long. Sometimes I just want to get on here and write something brief. For all of you who come to my corner of the internet and hang with me for a bit, I’m glad you’re here.

Yours in running and life,


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