May be some good news?

I love the idea of May. The tulips at the conservatory have bloomed. The trees are lush in pinks or peridots. The goslings have hatched and the sunshine is lingering around a little longer, in spite of the fact I live in Ohio and as is customary, springtime in the Midwest is absolutely bipolar. You can wake up on Monday feeling like it’s a midsummer day to walking outside Tuesday morning to 30-something degrees and freezing rain. As the month goes on and spring transitions to summer, there’s a feeling of optimism in the air again.

Two half marathons are on the calendar this month. On the 6th I’m road-tripping out to Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Half on May 7th. Candidly, Pittsburgh got overshadowed a bit by Nashville, since gearing up for Nashville had a few more steps (getting the rental car and a two-night stay away from home) and getting those set up in addition to the rest of my offline life being what it is took my focus.

But now I’m six days out and getting into Pittsburgh mode. I’m daydreaming about what the course is like, just how hilly it’s actually going to be and if it will be better, worse or the same as Nashville. Prior to registering – and really what cemented the decision to put Pittsburgh on my list – I was scrolling YouTube and watching videos of the Pittsburgh Marathon. I do this with all of the races, to see either local media coverage or the inspirational stories the marathons like to showcase of various runners. It may be corny, but there’s something about an interview with a runner who survived a brain tumor and decided they wanted to take up running in their later 60s that can make me emotional, serving as a reminder that 31-year-old me really doesn’t have any excuse not to get out there, run the world and live life to its fullest.

Based off the videos and the faces I’ve seen among the runners, volunteers and spectators, I can tell Pittsburgh folks are the kind you would want to run alongside. There’s love, authenticity and a lot of energy bouncing back and forth. If nothing else, you can’t have a race without energy.

Additionally, in spite of my former boyfriend being from southwestern Pennsylvania, during our time together we never ventured a half hour north to Pittsburgh while we were there. So naturally, I’m looking forward to discovering a new city on foot. Making up for lost time, if you will, but with more easy-going company.

Then there’s Mother’s Day weekend, a trip home to see my family and squeeze in some R ‘n R before the final spring half: Cleveland. I need to think up other reasons to go up to the ‘Land, now that I’m thinking about it. I love the city, and I love being anywhere on Lake Erie, getting to walk on the path next to the water and take in that lake breeze. And then the following day – race day – I’m aiming for my redemption from the 2022 race, to come back stronger physically and emotionally.

This month is a busy time, and I’m looking forwards to it. I’m also awaiting the day I can share some good news on here about the job search. So far I can confirm things are going in the direction I want, even if the pace is a little slower than I’d like. My gut is anticipating good news, and the wheels of fate finally turning and landing where they’ve always meant to be.

So Reader-Friends, I hope the month ahead is everything you need and want. Until next time,

Yours in life and running,


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