Pleased to meet you!

So where to start? Oh yeah – my name, which is Allison. On here I call myself The Broad Running Broad, since I am in fact a broad who runs on Broad Street, and Broad Street is a main road in Columbus. I don’t think my mother particularly liked the blog name at first, but it seems to have grown on her and we can chuckle at my sense of humor.

Anyhoo, I started running at the rip old age of 24. It was an unseasonably warm February day in 2016, and I was feeling antsy to get out of my apartment. So I decided to go run on the recreational trail near my apartment. I would up walk-running eight miles and learned two things. The first thing was that if you don’t have appropriate cushioning in your footwear, you’ll be couch-ridden the next day until the plantar fasciitis heals. The second thing I learned – or rather discovered – is that the runner’s high is a very real thing. I knew then the trail run was not going to be a one-and-done thing.

Almost five years later, I’m still not done running. My count so far is eight full marathons, 13 halves and numerous local road races. I’m chasing a goal to run 50 full marathons before my 50th birthday, and I’m going to run a half marathon in every state before I die. My blog was reborn as The Broad Running Broad in July of 2018, and since then it’s been a wonderful adventure on and offline.

I hope you all enjoy yourselves reading the stuff I put out here. I’m having way too much fun writing it.

Yours in running and writing,